Award-winning interior designer Jeanne Anselmo has been breathing life into spaces with her classic and creative designs ever since elementary school, when she sat with a notepad and designed layouts for her family’s unfinished basement. As an adult, after people touring her newly redecorated home kept asking “Who designed this?”, Jeanne branched out into interior design.

Since then, business has exploded. Her body of work now includes everything from modern New York apartments to historic estates on Lake Minnetonka.

Jeanne’s designs have been featured in Midwest Home Magazine and Minneapolis St.Paul Magazine. Her work can be seen most publicly in the Galleria Mall in Edina, where she dresses the space up for the holidays each year.

Her unique fusion of home interior and commercial design experience allows her to bring dimension, warmth, and sophistication to every design opportunity.

jeanne anselmo, designer

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Jeanne Anselmo of JJ Designs was key in the creation and design of our beloved multi generational 16,000 square foot home. She took the time to understand how we would be living within the home and also appreciated each of our family members’ personal style too. The result is a space that welcomes friends and family with not only exquisite design details but also a beautiful energy. Jeanne made our house a home and we are grateful to have had the pleasure of working with her. We highly recommend JJ Designs and know that she will bring her award-winning design experience, creative style, and always a positive fun attitude to every project she pursues. 

- Lynn O'neil

client love

I have worked with Jeanne for over 18 years and she has always guided me to make wise choices in my investment properties. As a commercial real estate developer, I have used Jeanne and her team for all my projects, and my wife and I have used her on two major home projects as well. Her attention to detail, respect of budgets and her overall fun disposition make her a joy to work with! I highly recommend JJ Designs!

- Mark Kozikowski,
MTK properties

client love

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